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What You’ll Need On Moving Day: Part 1

While moving day is going to be hectic no matter how prepared you are, the better organized you are beforehand the smoother everything will go. Part of that preparation is making sure you have gathered all the important materials you and your movers will need.

Here are some easy tips that can make a world of difference when the big day arrives:

Gather Records

Nobody wants to frantically search for important documents at the last minute. Not only does that create unnecessary stress and strain, it also delays your move. If your movers have to wait while you locate that critical paperwork, it will also very likely cost you more money. These are some of the documents that you should put in a safe place well before moving day:

  • Immunization records for your family members and pets
  • Other medical and dental records
  • Your marriage license
  • Financial records
  • School records
  • Warranty information for appliances
  • Paperwork related to your deed or your home’s rental agreement

Pack Safely and Effectively

If you over-stuff your boxes and make them too heavy to move safely, there’s a chance the movers will need to re-pack certain items. As a result, you’ll have to pay for that extra time. Try to pack fewer items into smaller boxes rather than lots of things into one large, heavy box. That will make the move go much more quickly.

Make Arrangements for Special Items

If you have any high-value items, it’s extremely important that you notify your mover well in advance of moving day. Again, if you have items that require special handling and wait until the day you move to tell the moving company, that can result in very costly delays.

Moving day should be exciting as you look forward to the next chapter in the life of you and your family. The last thing you want to do is be frustrated because you didn’t have everything in order before the big day arrives.

The professionals with National Van Lines can help you get organized so that your relocation goes as efficiently as possible. Contact us online or call us at 877-590-2810 to learn more.

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