Lead Management Onboarding for Schedule D Agents

Welcome to the LMP agent customization form. This will provide NVL with the necessary information to have our staff book appointments for your sales team and drop them directly into your calendar within your available times. Without this information we’ll still be able to set you appointments but they will be emailed instead. There are two sections you’ll need to address below. The first adds us to your calendar and the second helps us determine where you’d like to get appointments if different from the 25 mile default. The second tells us about your organization and should get appointments.

Adding to your Google Calendar

  1. Log into gmail
  2. Click calendar icon in upper right corner
  3. Click box/arrow to open in a new tab
  4. Click sprocket wheel in top right >> to settings
  5. along left side
    • Under General >> Time Zone – change to Pacific – Los Angeles
    • Under Settings for my calendars click your name >>Access Permissions
    • Add ATeamBacon@gmail.com
    • Make permissions = Make changes and manage sharing
    • save
    • Add NVLMarketingTeam@gmail.com
    • Make permissions = Make changes and manage sharing
    • save
  6. go back to the calendar view (click the arrow top left)
  7. On a Sunday create a recurring meeting that has:
    1. Your name
    2. Cell phone
    3. Email address where you want lead alerts and email communication.
    4. Save

Aaron will make appropriate changes to your calendar so you can be assigned appointments

Please tell us more about you:

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