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National Van Lines: Q1 Update to the 2023 Migration Report

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National Van Lines Releases Q1 Update to the 2023 Domestic Migration Report

Broadview, IL April 13, 2023— National Van Lines, a leader in the moving and relocation industry, is excited to announce the Q1 update to its 2023 Domestic Migration Report. This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the moving habits of Americans, tracking moving intent by state.

The updated report highlights significant changes in state rankings from 2022 to the first quarter of 2023. Notably, California has overtaken Virginia as the top intended moving origination for National Van Lines in 2023. Other key changes include the addition of North Carolina to the top 10 list of places people may be moving from, replacing New Jersey from the last report.

National Van Lines also observed a substantial growth in user intent for California, Texas, and Georgia during this period, indicating a surge in interest for relocation from these states.

The states that consistently received the least views have shifted as well, with Vermont, North Dakota, and Alaska now holding the bottom three spots, which could mean that people in these states are less-likely to consider a move.

National Van Lines is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information on domestic migration trends in the United States. As a trusted source for moving and relocation services, the company continues to monitor and analyze the shifting patterns of Americans in search of new opportunities and homes.

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