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Embarking on a long-distance move to or from Scottsdale, Arizona, signifies an exciting new chapter filled with both anticipation and uncertainties. At National Van Lines, we’ve been specializing in long-distance moving services since 1929, and we understand the unique challenges and emotional dynamics of relocating to or from this beautiful desert city.

Scottsdale, known for its stunning desert landscapes, luxurious resorts, and vibrant arts scene, offers a unique living experience. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your move to or from Scottsdale is successful, seamless, and stress-free. With our decades of expertise, we recognize the profound impact this move has on your life. Therefore, we customize our services to meet your specific needs, making your significant relocation to or from Scottsdale a positive, smile-packed experience. Let us handle the logistics so you can embrace the opportunities and adventures that await you in Scottsdale.

What Is a Scottsdale Long Distance Move?

The question of “what’s the difference between interstate and intrastate moving” often arises in discussions about long-distance relocations.

At National Van Lines, we define a long-distance move from Arizona, starting in Scottsdale, as an interstate move, which involves crossing state lines. This contrasts with our local moving services within Arizona, known as intrastate moves.

To help clarify these differences:

Interstate moving: This involves relocating to another state, whether nearby or across the country. As a specialized interstate moving company based in Scottsdale, we meticulously plan and execute these moves, ensuring a seamless transition.

Cross-country moving: Synonymous with moving across the country, this type of move spans several states and is a considerable endeavor. It falls under the category of long-distance and interstate moving, requiring extensive coordination and expertise.

Intrastate moving: These are local moves within the state lines of Arizona, often within the same city or to nearby towns.

People undertake out-of-state moves for various reasons, including career changes, family needs, education, or lifestyle shifts. Recognizing these diverse needs, National Van Lines offers tailored solutions for both interstate and cross-country moving. Our commitment to providing affordable, long-distance moving services ensures that your journey, whether it’s an interstate transition or a coast-to-coast move, is smooth and stress-free, with every detail carefully considered.

Seamless Cross-Country Moves with National Van Lines

Discover the Ease of Long-Distance Moving

Choosing National Van Lines for your cross-country move from Scottsdale, Arizona, means partnering with a trusted full-service moving company known for excellence. Our top-tier, all-inclusive services guarantee a smooth, stress-free experience from start to finish, giving you unparalleled peace of mind. Wondering how to move cross country? The answer is simple: with us!

Our Comprehensive Interstate Moving Services Include:

Personal Move Coordination: Your dedicated Move Coordinator handles every detail, ensuring a personalized and seamless state-to-state move.
Quality Packing Supplies: We provide premium packing materials to protect your belongings during the long journey.
Professional Packing: Our experts pack your entire home, including oversized and delicate items, with precision and care.
Furniture Disassembly/Assembly: We efficiently disassemble furniture at your old home and reassemble it at your new one.
Comprehensive Moving Services: From loading furniture and boxes to transportation, we manage every aspect of your move.
Safe Transportation: Our experienced drivers ensure the secure delivery of your possessions to your new destination.
Unloading and Placement: Upon arrival, we carefully unload and place your items in your new home according to your instructions.
Unpacking Services: We extend our service to unpack and set up your belongings, making your new house feel like home.
Appliance Moving: We handle moving your appliances, though disconnecting and reconnecting services are not included.

The National Van Lines Advantage

Opting for National Van Lines for your interstate move means more than just changing locations; it’s about transitioning with ease and confidence. Our services remove the stress of moving day, ensuring the safety of your belongings, saving you time and energy, and simplifying the unpacking process. We execute your move quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

As a leader in long-distance and cross-country moving services from Scottsdale, National Van Lines is your reliable partner in navigating the challenges of a long-distance move. We’re not just transporting your belongings; we’re helping you embark on a new chapter of your life with confidence and ease.

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Comprehensive Moving Valuation - Scottsdale's Extended Protection Program

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind
Moving can be stressful, but with National Van Lines, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are protected. Scottsdale’s unique desert landscape and vibrant community make it a popular destination, and we ensure that your move to or from this beautiful city is seamless and secure.

What We Offer
National Van Lines boasts a remarkably low claims ratio, thanks to our top-quality packing materials, experienced staff, and superior transportation services. We include basic valuation coverage for loss and damage of your household goods in every move. However, for those seeking additional peace of mind, we offer our Extended Protection Program.

What is the Extended Protection Program?
Our Extended Protection Program provides enhanced coverage based on the full replacement value of your belongings at your destination. This means that in the unlikely event of loss or damage, your items are covered at their full value. This program is particularly beneficial for those moving internationally, ensuring your items are fully protected no matter where you go.

How to Secure Extended Coverage
Securing extended coverage is straightforward. Your dedicated move coordinator will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand all your options and can easily apply for the program. With National Van Lines, you can feel confident that your move is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, providing the ultimate protection for your treasured possessions.

Choose National Van Lines for your Scottsdale move and experience the difference our Extended Protection Program can make in providing peace of mind during your relocation.

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