10 Items You Should Consider Leaving Behind When Moving

MovingWhen you are relocating, last-minute loose ends can fray nerves and take you off schedule. In order to avoid this extremely frustrating problem, decide what you want to take with you – and what you want to leave behind – well before the move. It can be hard, of course, to make this type of decision because you may have a lot of items that have sentimental value. But, by making those hard choices ahead of time, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Here are some suggestions.

1. Clothing – Many people tend to overdo it when it comes to packing their clothes. Take a hard look at what you can do without, and then donate or sell those items. Pay close attention to the weather in the city where you’ll be moving so that you’re as prepared as possible.

2. Bulky Items – You may have electronic items like an old laptop or desktop computer, DVD players, books or the like that you don’t really use anymore. These would be great to donate or try to get rid of in a garage sale.

3. Papers – Obviously, you want to keep important documents with you such as your marriage license, family birth certificates, certain financial records, etc. However, there are other documents that aren’t necessarily crucial. You may still want to keep them but you do not need to cart around the extra weight. Consider storing these types of papers or scan them into your computer.

4. Bathroom Items – You probably do not need half of what is currently sitting in your bathroom cabinets. If you have expired medications, however, you need to make sure you dispose of them in the safest manner possible.

5. Old Furniture – The time may have come to let that old favorite chair of yours go. There are plenty of charitable organizations that could give your old furniture a new home as long as it is still in usable condition.

6. Garage Stuff – Just like your bathroom cabinet, there are probably a lot of items sitting in your garage that you will never need. Again, though, if these items include insect killer, fertilizer and other potentially dangerous chemicals, make sure you dispose of them safely.

7. Appliances – You could have an old refrigerator or a washer/dryer combination that you are planning on updating when you get to your new home. A local charity would more than likely be happy to come pick up these types of appliances – provided they are operational, of course. This will also help your mover get you loaded and ready to go quite a bit faster.

8. Household Items – Take a long look around your home and make a note of what you actually use and what has just been sitting on shelves for months – or even years. This would be a good time to weed out the things you do not use by having a garage sale.

9. Bedding – You probably have some old mattresses and blankets that need to be switched out for new ones. Not only will the new bedding be more comfortable, you will have a lot more room in the moving truck.

10. Vehicles – As long as you are shedding an excess of items, you may want to think about selling that extra car or truck that has been sitting on your property. This would definitely help defray some of the expenses associated with the move.

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