Custom Cartons

A Solution for your Custom Moving Needs

Custom Cartons
At National Van Lines, our movers offer custom cartons to help move your memories safely. No matter need to be relocated, we can provide you with custom cartons that are made from durable materials, ensuring a perfect fit and secure transport. We'll find the right solution to protect your belongings, and we have moving cartons for virtually any type of item.

Our Custom Cartons Keep your Items Safe

Our residential moving team specializes in providing moving cartons for fragile and delicate items as well, so even if you have antiques or fine art pieces that need to be relocated, we can provide you with affordable protection. All of our moving cartons are packed by experienced movers who care. We can also create specialty moving solutions to meet your exact needs. We’re got you covered!

Some of Our Custom Cartons Include:

We have all of the packing resources you need, from tips on how to pack, a packing checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything, items not to ship, and how-to’s on packing specific items. Check out more of our moving resources throughout our website.

Don’t Settle for Inferior Moving Cartons

Keep in mind that it takes professional-grade moving cartons to ensure a safe and efficient move. While you might be tempted to use discarded cardboard boxes from your local grocery store, you might find out the hard way that these options can’t protect your belongings like our custom cartons can. Plain cardboard boxes are often flimsy and not suitable for household moving. Additionally, items stored in plain cardboard boxes may be affected by extremes in temperature or inclement weather, resulting in damage to your belongings. Our moving cartons provide protection against the elements and normal wear during the relocation process, meaning our customers receive their items in perfect condition every time.

To learn more about our custom cartons, as well as our residential moving services, contact National Van Lines by calling 877-590-2810.