Specialty Movers

We Relocate Delicate & Fragile Items

Specialty Movers
There are shipping situations that need special attention. A trade booth needs to get to the showroom in 48 hours, fragile stage props or antiques must be moved, store fixtures must arrive in time for a new store opening, or your entire plant or office must be moved without limiting employee productivity. Our Special Commodities division will help get it done right.

Special Loads

Often, the items you need to move are less than a truckload. We will find the most cost-effective solution that also meets your timing requirement. Timing is always a critical issue. At National we’ll juggle our schedules so you won’t have to juggle yours.

Special Pricing

Shipping costs are just as critical as delivering on-time. National promises the best rates in the industry and delivers them… everyday!

If you need specialty moving services, National Van Lines is here to help. Our team of specialty movers can move everything from household goods to pool tables, and we use the latest in moving supplies to protect our customers’ belongings. From fine art to fine furniture, you can trust the movers at National Van Lines for fast, efficient service and expert results.

Our Specialty Moving Services

Contact our Special Commodities Division

Contact Mike Yoast or George Hartung in our Special Commodities Division by calling 800-874-4963. To email them, find them on our team page.