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What is Specialty Moving

Specialty moving is for unique and precious items of all shapes and sizes. From pianos to pool tables and fine works of art, some possessions need special handling and delivery instructions to keep their value. In this moving guide we’re going to look at some common specialty moving needs, how to work with your mover, and tips and tricks for a stress-free arrival.

What Type Of Things

Special moving needs are often required for items with extra large dimensions, a strong intrinsic value, or unusual care and handling instructions. Common household examples may include pianos, pool tables, pieces of fine art, china, grandfather clocks, antiques, or even large flat screen TVs.

If you have more automobiles than you can drive, a specialty mover can transport your vehicle and get it safely to your new home. This is especially useful for long distance moves where you plan to be flying for part — or all — of the trip. A specialty mover can arrange shipping or freight transport, and your auto insurance company will be happy to hear it’s in the hands of professionals.

Besides automobiles, boats often need specialty movers. Boats have to be carefully kept to maintain integrity, and their size and weight require extra attention. Jet skis, kiteboards, sails, and other watersport equipment that is unusually shaped may also need special care, and don’t forget that in-deck hot tubs and other home add-ons may be movable as well.

How To Get Started

Start by listing all of your items that are unusually large, fragile, or intrinsically valuable. When you’re receiving your quote, use your list to ask questions. If you need a specialty mover, it’s likely that you’ll want to choose a large, national moving company. Local companies may lack the staff, equipment, and experience to move your unique belongings.

Your specialty move might require custom crates. Custom crates are made by moving and storage companies to conform to a specific shape and keep your items safe. Fixtures such as chandeliers or irreplaceable antiques are worth the investment. For an extra fee, furniture can also be put into custom crates or packed strategically to minimize wear on upholstery and finish.

Custom crates are also useful for artwork, and movers can create frame protectors to protect the outside of your paintings and photographs. Special boxes for storing humidity or temperature sensitive items exist for guitars, and amplifiers.

The Underlying Underwriting

National moving companies offer various valuation protection in case accidents occur, and you can ask for more information during your quote. Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance might be available in case of damage, you’ll want to check with your insurance agent to be sure.  Ultimately, the best insurance is a trustworthy, experienced specialty moving company with the resources to ensure the safety and protection of your belongings.


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