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The Magnificent 7: Why National Van Lines is Your Ideal Corporate Relocation Partner

By Tim Helenthal
Chairman & CEO
National Van Lines

At first blush, a corporate relocation might seem demanding. Perhaps even daunting. But neither “D” applies when you choose a boutique mover such as mid-sized National Van Lines to oversee your organization or team-member relocations. Instead, rely on the National Van Lines 7 Ts of corporate relocation:

  • Tech
  • Touch (not)
  • Teamwork
  • Tenure
  • Tips
  • Tailor
  • Trust


National Van Lines uses the latest technology to ensure safe packing, handling, transportation and—if need be—storage of your employee or corporate belongings. When it comes to moving and storing your property, security is the key. At National Van Lines, we provide the latest in security technology at all of our facilities and we inventory, tag and pad your treasures before placing them in a storage vault.

We also can provide state-of-the-art climate-control solutions so your employees can relax knowing their fragile items are protected while in our care. National Van Lines promises reliable inventory, secured locations and long- and short-term arrangements for pick-up and delivery. Whether you need to store a household item, business asset or any other items, National Van Lines provides secure moving-and-storage solutions. Factor in our air ride-equipped vans and our tech will take you far.

Touch (not)

In these uncertain times, you and your team members will feel comfortable knowing National Van Lines offers zero-touch moving estimates for your corporate relocation. Your organization and employees now enjoy a choice of online tools just as accurate as the old-fashioned method of in-person visits—only safer and far more convenient. We offer ReloQuote (powered by Yembo)—a state-of-the-art estimating tool. Using your smartphone or tablet, your employees move room-to-room, taking snapshots of their belongings. Average time to complete: 15 minutes.

Plus, there are no appointments to make, keep,  cancel or reschedule. That means employees can get an estimate 24/7. How’s that for the utmost in convenience? If your team members enjoy face-to-face contact, but still want to remain in the virtual world, FaceTime might be the best choice. This telephony tool allows an employee to survey his home in real time to obtain a clear-cut idea of what it will cost to move across the country. Our moving-estimate expert will talk—and virtually walk—your team members through this easy-to-use process. Questions can be asked and answered in real time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a relief to know our FREE social distance-approved estimates go the distance.


Did you know? National Van Lines has hundreds of moving agents across the United States. Talk about corporate relocation continuity! Our agents work together like sprockets spinning in a well-oiled machine. The existence of this network of moving pros means incredible coordination from the beginning stages of your move all the way through the end of delivery day (and beyond if follow-up is needed). Plus, we don’t just let anyone join our team. All our agents undergo a thorough vetting process and must remain in solid Better Business Bureau standing.


At the National Van Lines headquarters in Broadview, IL—the “brains” of our operation, if you will—our employee roster is full of moving-industry veterans with an average tenure of 25+ years. They’ve relocated thousands and thousands of individuals among numerous sectors (health-care, hospitality, trade shows and store fixtures) across the nation and around the world. They’ve faced countless scenarios and are well-versed in how to accomplish a seamless corporate relocation (or how to handle adversity). Your company and employees will feel good knowing we offer nationally recognized customer service, award-winning drivers and unparalleled attention to detail. We also hold a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.


Our advice and recommendations make your move run smoothly. Our motto—We Make Moving EasySM—isn’t just a phrase. It’s our way of doing business. For example, we offer these quick-read office-moving tips to all our corporate customers (and that’s just for starters):

  • Hire an experienced commercial mover
  • Discuss set-up plans with your IT department and service providers
  • Provide new-location information for your current customers
  • Group non-essential office items together

Our well-trained, highly experienced relocation experts have lots more advice where that came from. They’re ready, willing and able to assist you through every step of your company’s or individual employee’s corporate relocation.


We’re experts at recognizing the unique needs of your move. We can tailor a plan that fits your particular situation. As a mid-sized mover, we’re highly nimble and can switch gears when need be. If your situation changes mid-project, no problem. We’re up to the task. We offer tremendous flexibility and loads of options to ensure your relocation happens when and how you want it.


Picking up and moving hundreds of miles away is a big deal. We’ve moved more than a million families during our 90+ years as an organization. That’s a lot of success stories. You can trust in the National Van Lines reputation. We’ve got a multi-decade record of 5-star reviews to prove it.

Our success depends on YOUR success

National Van Lines is dedicated to creating a personalized and unique moving strategy for every type of business. From small office moving to large corporate relocations, we’ll work around your needs and budget to provide a seamless moving experience.

We understand during a move, your business operations might reach a standstill. Our professional movers work hard to minimize downtime. We take all aspects of your move into consideration, including hours of operation and backup networks. We’ll take care of you so you can focus on your business. We want to see your business succeed, so we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your move goes according to plan.

We Make Moving EasySM

At National Van Lines, we make long-distance moving easy. We’ve helped more than 1 million families relocate for 90+ years. Contact us online or call 877.590.2810 for answers to your questions—plus a FREE moving quote.

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