Beware of Moving Scams

"Pay me upfront for your move. Even then I might not deliver your belongings." (Cue screeching-tires sound.) Hold it right there. There's something seriously wrong with that picture. No one would ever accept that deal at face value. However, each year, consumers are duped by unscrupulous organizations pretending to be…


What's the Math on Moving Brokers? Zero Accountability

The moving-broker process seems straightforward enough. A middleman gives consumers cost estimates, then finds movers to fill the jobs. Quick, simple, done. Not so fast. One vital word is missing from that three-word sentence: accountability. A moving broker has no trailers in his parking lot nor does he visit your…


Prevent Scammers from Hijacking Your Move

“Hey, you got two $20 bills for a 10?” Hopefully, you’d never fall for this con. Because moving matters and with thousands of dollars at stake, intelligent people who wouldn’t be duped by a low-budget, wrong-change ruse can get taken in by slick operators cleverly masquerading as reputable moving companies.…


Do You Know How to Avoid Moving Scams?

The National Van Lines team is proud to be part of a vibrant and dynamic industry. We help people advance their lives and businesses by providing secure and reliable transport services. However, we are aware that there are a few unscrupulous agents out there who take advantage of honest people.…


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