10 Items You Should Consider Leaving Behind When Moving

02.15.2018 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

When you are relocating, last-minute loose ends can fray nerves and take you off schedule. Deciding what and what not to pack is often a factor in this. It can be hard to let go of items you have owned for a long time, but by making choices ahead of…


Quick Cross Country Moving Checklist

01.15.2018 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

When it comes to moving cross country, you will want to ensure that you have absolutely everything covered. We’ve created this handy checklist for you so that you have everything you need to remember in one place. Staying organized is the most important thing you can do to relieve stress!…


Will Renters Insurance Cover Moving Damage?

12.15.2017 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

We live in a human world, meaning mistakes can happen even when our planning, preparation and organization is perfect. This is one of the reasons we always stress valuation, especially during long-distance relocations. Valuation protects your belongings, obligating the moving company to repair, replace or compensate anything damaged or lost.…


How Much Does It Cost to Move Across the Country?

10.10.2017 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

If you are planning a cross-country move, you will need to speak with a cross-country mover to establish an idea of how much your relocation will cost. Every move is unique, with no common price. The amount you pay will depend on a range of factors, but there are always…


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