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What To Expect On Moving Day

It’s the big day—now what? Read on to learn what to expect as your moving day unfolds.

Professional Moving Service

You most definitely should expect professional service from friendly, courteous movers. Moving can seem like an enormous task, but a friendly face makes a difference. Trust that your mover will answer questions and provide experienced advice. Ask for any resources, checklists, timelines, or moving guides they might have to help on your moving day.

Expect your belongings to be treated with care. If you have any specialty moving items, such as musical instruments, fine art, or expensive electronics, your moving service should be able to help with custom crates, packing materials, and information about insurance. Before leaving for your new home, they should provide a bill of lading for your items in transit.

One Final Check

Make one final, thorough check of your home. Ensure all lights are off, and that cabinets and closets are empty — you’d hate to leave something special behind.

Check your refrigerator to make sure it’s dry and defrosted, and empty the trash and recycling bins one last time. Double check your arrival bag to make sure you have everything you need for your first night.

Remember to call the utility company for your new home and have services working before arrival. Be sure you have the documents you need, including any prescriptions. If you’re traveling with pets, keep them in one area of the house and out of the way of action until you’re ready to depart.

A Day of Adventure

Consider moving day a unique adventure. Whether you’re traveling by vehicle or plane, you’re on a journey to a new home. If you’re driving, ensure your vehicle is ready — a tune-up could be necessary. Check tire wear and air pressure, and consider having your oil changed. If you’re flying, dress comfortably and keep travel essentials in your carry-on.

When moving with pets, you will want to pay particular attention to their needs. New territories can be exciting or frightening, and taking frequent breaks for exercise can help. Take a few of their favorite toys, and make sure they’re well-fed and hydrated before embarking.

Children also need special attention, especially depending on their age. Have any supplies you’ll need on hand, and don’t forget to include driving games, movies, or a good book for entertainment.

Arrival at Your New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, direct your movers to unload and place items into appropriate rooms, and be careful to place tarps or protective rugs over carpets and hardwood floors to prevent damage. Check outlets, switches, appliances, and plumbing, and make sure you’re familiar with your breaker box, water shutoff, and water heater.

Finally, begin to settle in! To make your new living areas more familiar, make beds, display family pictures — even begin brightening up bare walls with artwork, wall decor, and photographs. Call your family, friends, and loved ones to let them know you’ve safely arrived, and begin to greet your neighbors.

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