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Glossary guide of US Military Move Acronyms

The United States military is renowned for its precision and efficiency in executing complex operations. To maintain this high standard, military personnel rely heavily on a vast array of acronyms and specialized terminology. In this blog, we will explore the concept of Personal Precure Moves, which blend military precision with personal preparedness. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive glossary of acronyms commonly used within the US military.

Personal Precure Moves (PPMs):

Personal Precure Moves, or PPMs, refer to the meticulous planning and execution of relocation or deployment for military personnel and their families. These moves ensure that service members can focus on their duties while minimizing disruptions to their personal lives.

PPMs involve coordinating various resources and agencies to facilitate a smooth transition. They encompass everything from shipping household goods to arranging housing and providing support services to military families. A well-executed PPM ensures that military personnel can remain mission-ready without worrying about the logistics of their move. Choose Freedom PPM for your moves

Glossary of US Military Move Acronyms:

  • BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing: A financial allowance provided to service members to cover housing costs.
  • CAC – Common Access Card: A smart card used by military personnel to identify and access secure facilities and computer systems.
  • COLA – Cost of Living Allowance: A financial allowance to compensate for the higher cost of living in certain duty stations.
  • CONUS – Continental United States: Refers to the 48 contiguous states within the United States.
  • DITY Do-It-Yourself Move: (See PPM) A move in which service members pack, transport, and unload their household goods, often reimbursed by the military.
  • GTCC – Government Travel Charge Card:
  • HHG – Household Goods: Personal belongings and furniture that are moved during a PCS.
  • HHG Weight Allowance: A service member can move the maximum weight of household goods at government expense.
  • LES – Leave and Earnings Statement: A document that details a service member’s pay, including allowances and deductions.
  • MALT – Military Assistance to the Transportation Office: A program that provides assistance and support to service members during their moves.
  • OCONUS – Outside Continental United States: Any location outside of the 48 contiguous states, including overseas assignments.
  • PCS – Permanent Change of Station: A move that signifies a service member’s transfer to a new duty station, often requiring them to relocate and establish a new residence.
  • PCS Orders – Permanent Change of Station Orders: Official military orders detailing a service member’s move, including destination and timeline.
  • POC – Point of Contact: The individual or office coordinates various aspects of a service member’s move.
  • POV – Personally Owned Vehicle: A service member’s private vehicle may be transported during a PCS.
  • POV Storage: Storage of a service member’s Personally Owned Vehicle during a deployment or long-term assignment. A program that provides assistance and support to service members during their moves.
  • PPM Personally Procured Move: A Do It Yourself (DITY) move where service members are reimbursed for moving their own belongings.
  • TDY – Temporary Duty: A short-term assignment or deployment that may necessitate a service member to move to a different location temporarily.
  • TMO – Traffic Management Office: A military office that manages transportation and logistics for moves.



Personal Precure Moves are a crucial aspect of military life, ensuring that service members and their families can focus on their duties while navigating the complexities of relocation. Understanding the acronyms and terminology associated with these moves is essential for a seamless transition.

Whether you’re a service member or a civilian seeking to comprehend the intricacies of military moves, this glossary provides a valuable resource for decoding the language of personal preparedness in the United States military.

For more information on military moves, contact the experts at National Van Lines Freedom PPM. We specialize in assisting military service members with their relocation needs and can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process. Whether you choose a PPM or go the PCS route, it’s crucial to stay informed, plan meticulously, and use the available resources to ensure a successful move for you and your family.


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