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Help Kids Adjust to a Mid-School Year Move

It’s not a secret that most kids hate moving. It requires that they leave friends that they love (and believe they’ll never see again), and it forces them to transition to a brand new school or social environment, sometimes in the middle of the year. If your child is going to experience a mid-school year move, due to a job or a family matter, it’s no doubt you’ll want to be sure their transition is healthy and happy.  At National Van Lines, we’ve seen countless success stories when it comes to moving kids mid-school year.

Helping Your Child Adjust

    1. Encourage Positivity – Don’t become discouraged for uprooting their lives, instead, seize this new opportunity. Talk with your kids and help them think about new opportunities. Examples: Join a new sport that they haven’t tried or perhaps they can buy new school clothes. Focus on the new and different opportunities and not negative.
    2. Make New Memories – Once you’re in the new place, make new memories (maybe by starting an after-school tradition of “Ice Cream Wednesday” or encourage them to bring a new friend home on a Friday evening for family game night).
    3. Give them Your Attention –Kids are resilient. When your child comes home from school having found a friend or new activity, listen to his or her story. By listening to what’s important to them you’re creating safety in this new place.

Moving is No Small Task

Moving is a big deal, not only for you, but for your children as well. It can be life-changing for your whole family, no matter how intimidating it seems at first. With the proper planning, the right attitude, and quality moving company, you’re in for a great new experience. Let National Van Lines help! Call our team now for more tips and tricks on tackling your family’s move!

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