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How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

Finding a Moving Company You Can Trust

Finding a moving company can be pretty easy, but finding a reputable one takes a certain amount of research and forethought. We at National Van Lines understand that this can be a frustrating process, so we compiled this list to find the best moving company for your move and your family. Whether you need a mover in two days or two months, these tips and resources apply at any time.

Finding Companies and Checking Their Reputations

First, check listings. Do an internet search of “moving companies near me” or “movers in City, State.” You can also check out directories like the Yellowpages; they can provide plenty of names of moving companies. This is just the start!

Next, you’ll want to check the ratings of those companies you’ve found with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If the company has a rating from the BBB, that means they’re customer-reviewed. Customers are always the key in researching the reliability and professional nature of any company.

Angie’s List is another helpful resource for looking up a business’s rating. It also provides reviews submitted by customers. And, if you don’t understand a review or something seems fishy about it, the team at Angie’s List offers live support.

Now that you’ve found a few possibilities for moving companies, try searching for them on different platforms. Do they have a Facebook page and does that page have positive reviews? Has someone submitted a complaint on Yelp about the service they received from this company?

This research can be done easily! Using an online search engine makes it so much more convenient to find a safe and reputable company.

Now, it’s time to compare prices. It may not be in your best interest to go with the cheapest price, but the most expensive isn’t always the clear choice to make either. Compare the rates and quotes you receive from the companies; you’ll find a median price range and usually that’s your best offer.

Make the Call

Finally, call the company you’d like to go with. By now, you’ve found a business that will work for you and your family’s move. You’ve probably compiled a list of questions and concerns for the company, and if they want your business, they’ll answer every single one. Preparing for the phone call enables that you won’t be caught off guard with surprise fees or with add-on costs. You’ll know exactly what you need to receive a satisfactory move.

The Research Pays Off

Finding a reputable moving company takes research. It can seem tedious, but it will pay off in the long run. National Van Lines is ready to help! We have satisfied customers at the end of every move. Our team can tackle any move – big or small – with ease and respect. We recognize that when you move, you’re not just relocating. You’re moving your life and your memories. Call National Van Lines today. [phone].

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