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How to Move Your Aquarium 

Many people own aquariums that are home to a selection of beautiful and colorful fish. While National Van Lines can’t actually move your live fish, it’s important to follow these ‘how to move your aquarium’ steps by National Van Lines when relocating or moving.

Drain Your Aquarium or Fish Tank

In order to drain your aquarium or fish tank, secure a container or additional tank to house the fish temporarily during the move. If you have tropical fish, or fish that require a constant filtration of oxygen, you may be able to store them at your local pet store while you drain your existing tank. If you are worried about the entire process, you may even be able to store your fish at the pet store for the duration of your move.

Speak to your local pet store and ask if they offer this service. Many are happy to help when it comes to the relocation of your aquarium.

Disassemble and Pack the Aquarium or Tank

It seems obvious, but it’s important to properly disassemble your aquarium so you don’t find missing or broken parts upon arrival at your new home. If you have plants in your tank, bag them with a portion of the tank water, to keep them fresh.

Pack your aquarium carefully using sturdy and safe packing supplies such as bubble wrap and padded boxes. Also, take care while packing other fragile parts of your tank, such as heaters, pumps and accessories; these items can be expensive to replace.

Speak to National Van Lines

To find out more about how to move your aquarium and fish carefully and successfully, speak to an agent at National Van Lines who can guide you through the process. For other helpful information about moving, check out our website. Call us at 877-590-2810.


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