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Did You Move to a Haunted House?

We’ve all seen TV shows or movies in which someone must spend a night alone in a creepy old house to win a bet or qualify for a wealthy relative’s inheritance. Eerie sounds and otherworldly apparitions—real, imagined or bogus—often greet the visitor as he tries to endure the evening, make it to the morning and grab the big bucks.

But what if you’re not just waiting it out for a few dark hours? Suppose you just made a move across the country to what you’ve come to believe is a—GASP!—genuine haunted house? Unless you’re Rob Zombie or Herman Munster, the idea probably isn’t something you’d greet with a grin.

Moving men…or?

Cold spots. Creaky doors. Squeaky floors. Flickering lights. Phantom footsteps. Missing or moved items. The list is lengthy for occurrences often credited to ghosts and goblins. But few people think about these things when selecting a new home. After all, most of us typically don’t put “verify new home isn’t a haunted house” on a checklist for moving cross country. Coming up with a down payment probably seems far spookier. Others are thinking how to “move flat screen TV” rather than worrying that Poltergeist-style television static might lure family members into the void.

Let’s examine the common signs something unusual might be afoot after you’ve completed your interstate move:

Cold spots: Unless you recently placed an ice-filled cooler in the corner of your dining room, a cold spot could mean—oo-eee-oo—something supernatural is occupying your favorite eating area. Perhaps adding an extra table setting for meals will warm things up.

Squeaky floors: If this occurs when you’re walking, you’ve probably got loose floorboards. This is a relatively easy fix, involving refastening them with new hardware. Floors that squeak without a family member’s feet present could indicate a spooky situation. But if that “presence” isn’t wearing out your carpeting, just go with it.

Creaky doors: WD-40 to the rescue! Apply a lubricant to the hinges and move the door back and forth to distribute evenly. Should do the trick. What a treat. No luck? You could try replacing the hardware. If that fails, call an exorcist.

Flickering lights: Did someone forget to pay the electric bill? But seriously… The lamp’s wiring might be shorting out, or a bulb might be about to go on the fritz. Or it could be Fritz, a German immigrant who lived on your property 200 years ago haunting your house.


More mayhem?

Missing or moved items: Also known as “where’d-I-put-my-car-keys syndrome,” this annoying situation often gets blamed on ghosts when it’s just good, old-fashioned absent-mindedness to blame. Still, mischievous spirits known as poltergeists get a kick out of pulling this kind of prank, but they’re usually a lot more physical—reportedly hurling objects and making one helluva racket. At National Van Lines, we move furniture across country, but we don’t throw it across the living room. So, if you’re not seeing your car keys flying around the room, it might be time to up your gingko biloba intake.

Unexplained shadows: Ever seen a dark blob moving from the corner of your eye only to face the image head-on and see nothing? You might need to make an appointment with your optometrist. Or, call the dermatologist and have her remove that protruding mole next to your left eye. Still, there’s a chance you’ve had an encounter with the unknown. But, heck, if it’s not making noises or turning over your cocktail tables, let it ride.

Unusual smells: You could blame a stinky situation on the dog. But what if you don’t have a canine? Are you on a septic system? Those can back up, conjuring up fire-and-brimstone odors that would give Hades—or the local water-reclamation plant—a run for their money. A call to the local sewer-and-plumbing pro should get the problem unplugged. If it persists, reduce the family’s fiber intake…or conduct a séance.

Time to move?

Had enough? Decided it’s time to move? Think your house is haunted? To quote the famous Amityville Horror line, are you ready to “GET OUT”? Well, National Van Lines has been making moving easy for 90-plus years. Our pro movers know how to pack fragile items for shipping. We know what it takes to reduce moving stress.

Our team of residential moving companies will move you out of a haunted house in a jiffy or move you into one (if that’s the way you roll). As one of the top art moving companies, we know how to gently handle that antique portrait with the eyes that seem to follow you.

So, don’t be scared to ask the question, “What moving company should I use?” You can’t go wrong with National Van Lines. Contact us online or call 877-590-2810 for answers to your questions plus a FREE moving quote.

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