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Moving: to Fly or to Drive?

With some moves, you only have one option- to fly. However, if you are moving cross country or to another state, it may be more beneficial to drive. National Van Lines is here to help you choose the best method of travel for your move.

Why Choose to Fly?

If you are moving alone, flying may be a cheaper option than driving. You need to take fuel costs into consideration when driving to a new destination. If you’re moving alone, then you’ll need to pay for the gas alone.

In this day and age, with low cost plane tickets, it can often be cheaper to have a moving company like ours move your belongings and for you to fly. Alternatively, you can arrange for your belongings to be flown to your new location, but this can be costly. Flying can also be much quicker than driving, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and establish which method of travel better suits you.

Why Choose to Drive?

There are a number of reasons you may choose to drive when moving to your new home. You may not like to fly and therefore choose to drive, or maybe your new home isn’t actually that far away, so you can’t really justify flying.

Also, the cost of shipping a car can be costly, so you could save money by driving and paying for the gas.

Why not speak to a professional member of National Van Lines about your options?

National Van Lines Can Help You

If you want to discuss moving with National Van Lines, whether via plane or car, get in touch today. You can contact us at (877) 590-2810, or get a free quote from our website. We will talk you through all the steps involved when it comes to moving across the country.

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