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Should I Rent a Storage Unit?

The need to move can come when you least expect it and sometimes you don’t have time to determine if all your belongings will fit in your new location. Using a storage service can be a great fix, giving your items a place to stay while you plan the more immediate details of the move. You may be in the midst of a last-minute move, but you can’t rush into a storage unit without giving it some serious thought. Ask yourself the following questions before committing to a storage unit.

How Long is ‘Temporary’?

When storage is used as part of the long distance moving process, it’s usually a temporary need. Families may choose this option if they’re still waiting to finalize the purchase of their new home or if there are other complications that prevent them from moving in right away. Make sure you have a good estimate of how long your items will be in storage. Balance that cost with the worth of your items. Renting storage for a few days or weeks can be a great help in these situations. However, think twice if you will be storing items for an undetermined amount of time. The cost can quickly rise to be greater than the worth of your items.

How Will Your Items be Used After Storage?

Some people choose to rent a storage unit simply because they have extra stuff that can still be used. Remember, though, that you have to pay for a storage unit. A piece of kitchenware may still have use, but that doesn’t mean you’ll actually need the item in the future. Make sure the items you are storing will serve a real purpose once you take them out of storage. If they’ll do little more than take up space in your home, you may be better off selling them.

What is the Replacement Cost of the Items?

You need to consider how much it would cost to replace your items and how much longer you expect those items to last. You might plan to use some of the items in the future, but if they will be too old to use when you take them out of storage, you may want to consider other options. Balance replacement costs with the cost of storage. The best candidates for rented storage units are those who need short-term storage or those who need long term storage of large, expensive items.

Who are the Moving and Storage Experts?

National Van Lines specializes in long distance moving and storage. If your move will require storage, our professionals are expertly trained to store your items safely. Many of our agents across the country offer storage for their local area. Contact your local National Van Lines agent or call our corporate office at 877-590-2810 to ask about our storage options.

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