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How to Start Planning Your Move Early

For the easiest move possible, we recommend families start working on their long distance move six to eight weeks prior to moving day. You’ll have a lot of work to do and the more time you give yourself, the better. Many people fixate on packing and what they plan on doing in their new home. While these are important tasks, don’t forget all the other important planning tasks. Have a stress free move with the following essential moving tips.

Investigate Cost of Living

You should look into the cost of living before you finalize decisions on houses, apartments or job offers. What a dollar buys you can change drastically as you move. What you see as a low salary might actually be more than what you currently make once cost of living is considered. Likewise, what may seem like an affordable rent price may be much higher than expect. CNN Money has a great calculator to help with planning your move. Use that data to give yourself a complete picture of what your finances will be once you move.

Nail Down a Moving Method

We always recommend you take advantage of all the services offered by professional moving companies when planning your move. BBB accredited companies, like National Van Lines, are fully equipped to help you pack, load and transport all your belongings. Using such services can save you a lot of headache in the long run and ensures your belongings are as protected as possible during transit.

For some, using the full set of services offered by National Van Lines may not be ideal. You can also choose to pack your own items and only hire a mover to transport them. It’s also possible to move yourself across the country without professional help, but you may find this to be more difficult than it’s worth. You have a lot to get done in the weeks prior to your move. Don’t stress yourself out any more than necessary.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you have made a decision and hired the help you need a month or two before moving day.

Decide Which Items You Will Move

Remember that a professional moving company prices moves based on the weight of your shipment. Sometimes, a lighter shipment can result in lower cost. On the flip side, if you tell your mover you won’t be moving something and then change your mind later, that may have an effect on the price of your move. Even a binding estimate can change if you change the weight the mover agreed upon. Deciding what you will and won’t move early on will help you avoid any confusion.

You have a great opportunity to declutter your belongings and start fresh in a new home. Don’t wait until the last minute to make these decisions.

Professional Moving Services

National Van Lines is always here to help you plan out your long distance move. With professionals across the United States, we can help with packing, loading, transportation and storage. We can even help move larger items, like cars and pianos, as part of your residential move. Call one of our moving experts today at 877-590-2810.

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