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Top Strategies for Moving with a Cat

A move with a furry friend doesn’t need to be a stressful one. Here are some ways cat lovers can make the transition as safe and easy as possible for your furry friends.

Acquire a Cat Carrier or Kennel

A pet carrier is the safest way to keep your cat contained during a move. Many people don’t like to use kennels, but rest assured it will only be for a short time until you and your cat are relocated to your new home. A kennel ensures that the cat can’t escape, run away or lash out under the stressful circumstances.

Bring Treats for the Journey

Moving and car journeys can be a stressful experience for a cat. Try and calm your pet’s nerves by bringing some nibbles and toys as a distraction. You may need to bring your cat’s food bowl and food if the journey is a long one.

Help your Cat Settle In

A new environment can be stressful for a cat. Some owners prefer to leave their cat at a boarding cattery for a few days until the new home is unpacked and organized. Understand that it may take a while for your cat to get used to the new house and surrounding area, so sticking to a regular routine is essential; Now is not the time to change food or water times.

Keep your Cat Indoors for 2 Weeks

It takes roughly two weeks for a cat to be fully accustomed to their new surroundings. Once they are acclimated, if they are an outside cat, sprinkle some of their used cat litter around the outside of the building so they recognize the smell and where home is.

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