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When Should I Use a National Moving Company

As experts in the moving industry, we’ve helped individuals, families, and companies of all sizes move across distances large and small. Even if you’re just moving across town, the extra resources, materials, and services can add peace of mind and security. National movers have a reputation based on a wide variety of customer experiences, backed by commercial insurance and years of experience.

Moving is Difficult—Don’t Do It By Yourself

While it’s tempting to cut costs and try to make it through a move by gritting your teeth, the best moving companies can work and make the process as simple as possible. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind—especially during relocation. National moving companies help hundreds of families move every year, and their expertise can help before, during, and after the move.

Instead of driving a huge trailer, movers have experienced drivers and professional insurance. And unlike unlicensed amateurs, they’re required to meet rigorous standards before being entrusted with your valuables. They often provide extra resources, such as packing materials, checklists, and moving guides to help get you started.

National moving companies also have an unlimited capacity to move most residences. This includes auxiliary services to move pianos, fine art, or even pets. After the safe trip to your new home, professional movers can carefully help unload and unpack your boxes to make life even easier.

Even for Local Moves

If you’re moving locally, a national mover may still be the best choice. They usually offer more movers, more services, more drivers, and dependable services. The best national moving companies benefit from economies of scale—meaning that they can keep costs lower for the people actually moving.

National movers are also held accountable by the law of large numbers. An A+ rating with the BBB is easy to get for a small store with one review. A national moving company with 100 years of experience has a reputation and brand that is proven over time and geographic location. An experienced track record of satisfied families is the best predictor of moving success.

Another benefit of larger, interstate moving companies is the extra resources allotted for customer service. Many have online access portals and expert, knowledgeable customer service representatives. They have the resources to be responsive, communicative, and ready for any requests or consultations at a moments notice.

If you’re considering commercial relocation, national movers provide much more experience than local companies. Moving an entire office and bundling services for key personnel requires the resources of a larger service provider. A national moving and storage company will have the capacity, drivers, movers, and insurance to work with large scale corporate relocation, and is almost always the right choice for commercial moving.

Overall, a national moving company will almost always be valuable with trusted, proven, and affordable services. And it’s almost always better to hire a professional mover than to do it yourself. The extra security, help, and insurance are worth more than you pay, and the peace of mind is priceless.

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