Extended Protection Plan


While you are living in your home, your furniture and other household possessions are protected by your homeowners’ insurance policy. But in most cases your policy does not cover your household goods and personal possessions during the international moving process. Basic coverage for loss and damage of your household goods articles is included in your move; however, it is limited to 30 cents per pound, per article.

National Van Lines’ excellent Extended Protection Program (EPP) is available for purchase to help provide peace of mind during your move. EPP is based on Full Replacement Value coverage in the country of your destination. Your move coordinator will cover the fine points of the plan and answer questions. It’s our top priority to make your move around the world as smooth as moving around the block.

In order to recover the full replacement value of your household goods, you will need to determine their value using one of the following methods:

Prepare a Valued Inventory

Using our form or your own list, state each item to be shipped and assign the estimated cost to replace each item in your destination country. Items not declared will not be covered. Your move coordinator can assist you with the completion of your valued inventory.

Declare a lump sum value

Using this method, the total value of your shipment is determined by multiplying the total weight of your shipment (in pounds) times US$10. If you are satisfied that this amount reflects the true replacement value of your household goods, declare that value on the application. Using this method does not require a Valued Inventory.

For either method, items that are unique or would cost more than $1,500 to replace, such as antiques, crystal, silver, oriental or expensive carpets, paintings, fine art, or statuary must be inventoried separately and an estimated value for each must be declared.

What not to ship

When preparing your inventory, do not include: money, securities, valuable papers, documents, or data stored on tapes or disks – these items are excluded from the EPP, and should be carried with you for maximum safekeeping. Also, your inventory list should not include pets, plants, or perishable items.

EPP Cost

The EPP costs vary depending on the value of the shipment, the weight, the options you select and your destination country. However, the total cost for coverage, regardless of the options you select, is a fraction of the actual moving cost – and well worth the additional peace of mind.