Non-NVL Hauler

Thank you for accepting the assignment to service a National Van Lines shipment.  By following our guidelines, together, we will provide top-notch relocation services to our customers. This checklist will help keep you aligned with the steps expected to reach a successful delivery.

Customer Communication

Call customer 24-hours prior to load and delivery
Confirm date
Provide arrival time-frame

Collect Payment

Contact Operation (800.826.6851) or Customer Experience (800.333.6851) to confirm payment has been arranged
Customer may contact Credit Department for assistance (800.323.1962)

Paperwork – Available at origin agent’s office or at customer’s residence


Page 1 – confirmation of loading signature
Page 2 – declaration of valuation signature

#728 – Residence Condition Inventory

Notate existing residence damage
Confirm walk-through (both loading and unloading)
Completion of furniture assembly (see below)
Have customer check off inventory list – DRIVERS ARE NOT TO CHECK OFF INVENTORY

#806 – Packing Report

Hauling Agent – document packing/unpacking
Remarks section may be used to indicate additional services provided
(ex. shuttle, labor)
Customer signature required

#810 – Revision to Estimate/Order for Service (Change Order)

Document requested or required changes after the Estimate/Order for Service was created

Paperwork for your reference only

Estimate/Order for Service
Table of Measurements/Cubesheet

If Shuttle Service was not included on the Estimate/Order for Service, call NVL Operations (800.826.6851) for review/authorization.

Weight Variances
Prior to loading, if the shipment’s actual weight will be more than 10% over the estimated weight call NVL Operations Department (800.826.6851). This applies even in the case of non-binding National Account or GSA shipments.

Furniture Assembly
If the furniture was disassembled by the loading team you are required to assemble it at delivery, even if pick up from the warehouse. Locate the Parts Box or ask if parts are threaded back in place. If you can’t find the parts call NVL Operations Department (800.826.6851).

Mini-Storage Delivery
Inform customer you will have to remove your furniture pads. Recommend the customer arrange to rent pads from the storage facility, if necessary.


Have customer check off inventory list – DRIVERS ARE NOT TO CHECK OFF INVENTORY.
Any missing or damaged items should be noted on the inventory and immediately reported to Customer Experience (800.826.6851).

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency After Hours
Operations 800.826.6851 708.557.2155
Customer Experience 800.333.6851 800.333.6851
Credit Department 800.323.1962 708.305.3183
Claims Department 800.365.0113
Safety 708.557.3324



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