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4 Top Tips for Downsizing Before Moving

During a family’s first big move, it’s easy to underestimate the time needed to pack. If you had other goals with your packing, such as keeping everything organized and downsizing your items, the last minute race to moving day can seem especially hectic. Don’t give in and start packing various items in a big box labeled “stuff.” Even last minute, you can still stay organized and downsize your belongings successfully. All you need are these four last minute downsizing tips.

1. Create Slightly Generalized Labels

As more boxes are filled and packed away, you’re likely to find items that belong in a previously packed box. Reopening these boxes is unnecessary and throwing random items in an unlabeled box will create a headache when you go to unpack. Instead, create slightly vague labels, such as paper supplies, figurines or bedroom items. This will keep things reasonably sorted as you continue to pack. If you don’t have a lot of extra items, consider using smaller boxes.

2. Don’t Hold on to Trinkets

As things get down to the wire, you don’t have a lot of time to ponder whether or not you need an item. Remember, just because an item can be used doesn’t mean you will. Don’t worry too much over small trinkets and items you haven’t used in years. If one of your moving goals is to downsize, you need to make quick decisions. A good rule of thumb is to consider the last time you used an item. Did you use it within the week? Did you use it within the past six months? If the answer is no, chances are this is an item you don’t need.

3. Target the Kitchen Utensils

People have a tendency to acquire large amounts of kitchen utensils through the years, from unique cookie cutters to a surprisingly large collection of sporks. These are also items commonly thrown into a box marked ‘kitchen’ with very little thought. Do all those items belong there? How many different colors of twisting straws do you really need? The kitchen is often one of the last areas packed, but don’t let your goal of downsizing slip in a rush. Go through each kitchen cupboard and drawer thoroughly and ask if you need everything there. Rarely used kitchen items may be better suited for a pantry and items that haven’t been used in years are best sold or donated.

4. Avoid Duplications

There is no room for duplications when downsizing, especially if you are planning on moving in with someone and consolidating belongings. Understand the amount of space you’ll have in your new home and what items other people moving in with you may have. It can be really tempting to hold to items when all you consider is that you needed them in your old home. Make sure you consider the use of your belongings in your new home. Duplicates and items you know you’ll have no room for should not move with you.

The process of moving can speed up dramatically as moving day draws closer. Don’t let the rush ruin your packing organization or downsizing goals. If you need any assistance with any aspect of the moving process, do not hesitate to call National Van Lines at 877-590-2810. Our long distance moving professionals would be happy to provide you with a free moving quote and assist you with your needs.

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