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5 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving

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Moving can be a stressful process, even with the help of a professional like National Van Lines. Ensuring that everything is in order and develops smoothly is the most important aspect of a move. Here are 5 tips on how to reduce stress when it comes to moving.

1. Create A Moving Checklist

It’s essential to create checklists for your move. A checklist will help you keep track of what has been done and what yet needs to be done. We suggest that you create a checklist for each room in your home, ensuring that you won’t forget to do some things. By checking your lists throughout the move  you can ensure a smoother move.

Although every moving checklist will be different, here are some essential elements you should include in your checklists:

  • Packing & moving supplies. Make sure you have enough boxes and packing materials.
  • Create a household inventory. List all the items you have so you know what you will be bringing with you, donating, selling or throwing away.
  • Pack your belongings. Make a plan and timeline on when you will start packing  your household items. It is often best to start a couple of weeks in advance of your move.
  • Organize and schedule utilities. Find out whether you can move your utility accounts to your new home and arrange for utilities to be turned on on your move-in date.

2. Ask For Help

Most people who move will hire a professional moving company such as National Van Lines. Professional movers are familiar with moving all sorts of household items and furniture. They can also help pack and safely wrap hard-to-pack items (pianos, fine art, lamps, pool tables etc.) so that they can be securely transported to your new home. Enlisting the help of professional movers will reduce the amount of work at your end, resulting in a lot less stress.

If you don’t have the budget for hiring a moving company, consider asking friends and family for help. Their input can also help to relieve stress from moving. Ask them to help create checklists, organize rooms, pack, tidy or even bring you food on your busy moving day. Just make sure to show gratitude for their help and return the favor.

3. Plan Ahead

If you are moving to a unfamiliar area, plan ahead, so you know what to expect when you arrive. For example, do you need to arrange for a new doctor, vet, school, bills? Give yourself enough time to research and arrange for necessities so that you are prepared once you have moved in at your new home. Planning ahead early will make the move feel less stressful and frantic.

4. Communication is Important

Communication is key for your move to run smoothly. Staying in contact with all involved in your move will alleviate stress. Create a contact list of all the numbers you will need so that you can get in touch with all involved quickly should you need to. Key contacts to include could be your current and/or new landlord (if renting), professional moving company, utilities and services, and friends and family.

5. Enlist the Help of a Professional

If you want the guarantee of professional moving experts, Contact National Van Lines at (877) 590-2810, or get a free quote now.

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