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Home Décor for Small Spaces

Living in a small space can either make you claustrophobic or it can be the best living experience ever. It all depends on how you arrange the décor in your home. With boxes lying about waiting to be unpacked, even a large space can seem small. Fortunately, whether you live alone or with your family, there are ways to maximize the space you have.

If you live in a small home or if you are looking for ways to save space in a large home, these home décor tips will be of great assistance.

Use Mounted Shelves Instead of Bookcases

Those who have hobbies or collections that require shelf space likely fill bookshelves with their passions. These bulky shelves can shrink a space down. To give the appearance of more room, consider mounting shelves to your walls. You can be more creative with the placement of your books or collections and be sure to conserve as much space as possible. For example, if you have a collection of small statues, mounting shelves high along the walls, instead of a series of rows to the ground, will help keep space open.

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

With greater amounts of people living in the city, furniture makers have designed all kinds of multi-purpose furniture. There are couches that turn into beds, footstools that double as storage spaces and tables that can be expanded, contracted or that have drawers on them for storage.

The more uses a piece of furniture has, the less likely you will have any need to buy more. When searching for new furniture, look for pieces that have spaces, nooks and drawers for storing items. This can be key to making the most out of a small place. More spaces to put things reduces the urge to leave items laying around, providing a sleek and sophisticated living space.

Maximize Your Light

The more light you can bring to your home, the more spacious it will appear. Make sure window coverings let all the light in when open and don’t leave dark corners. Additionally, you can decorate with mirrors and glass, taking advantage of their reflective qualities to spread light throughout your home.

Optimize Organization Supplies

Before you buy bins, labels and other organizing supplies, be sure to perform a full inventory of what you already have. This is especially true when moving. The first step to maximizing a small space is identifying what you already have to organize and not buying any more than you need. As you’re packing your belongings for a long distance move, consider setting aside potential organization supplies and packing them in their own box. Give this box a special label and pack it last. This will make it one of the first boxes unpacked, instantly providing you with the organizational tools you need.

Use these home décor tips to make the most out of any space you move to, big or small. For questions or assistance in organizing your move, contact a National Van Lines moving expert at 877-590-2810.

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