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How and When do I Pay for the Move?

Your mover will give you an estimate for the cost of your move once you provide the full details of your relocation. You will receive a binding estimate when a National Van Lines agent surveys your home and knows the exact number of items to be loaded on moving day. With a binding estimate, you cannot be charged more than the originally projected price for moving your possessions. If you choose to add services to the binding estimate, such as professional packing or valuation, additional charges may apply. Binding estimates do not include the price of unforeseen destination services.

If an agent has to provide a quote without seeing your home or without final knowledge of how many items you need to transport, you will receive a non-binding estimate. The actual cost will be determined by weight once all of your items are loaded on moving day, and will likely differ from the initial estimate.

Beware any moving companies that request deposits before they move your items, as they are likely brokers or non-traditional movers. Professional moving companies will never request any form of payment until they arrive to unload your belongings. 

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