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How To ‘Live Lean’ And Stay Ready For The Big Move

While the days leading up to a move can be exciting, they can obviously be nerve-wracking as well. After all, you’re not only trying to organize for your relocation, you may also be attempting to sell your house at the same time. Working around prospective homebuyers can be extremely difficult, but you don’t want a cluttered house that will turn them off. How, exactly, do you manage all of this?

Here are some tips from National Van Lines that can help make your upcoming move as trouble-free as possible while keeping your home as inviting as possible. And, you won’t have to live entirely out of boxes leading up to moving day.

1. Put away clothes you won’t need until you’re in your new home – This will not only show prospective buyers you’ll be able to move quickly, but your closets will be uncluttered and much more attractive.

2. Use your cabinets as much as you can – Try to keep your non-perishable food items stored so that your kitchen counters are as clear of clutter as possible.

3. Use up the things you can’t take with you on your move – If you’re using a moving company, there are several items you won’t be able to transport. These include household cleaning supplies, propane tanks, perishable foods and many others. Have a party where you cook burgers on the grill to use up your propane and then clean your house thoroughly using whatever household cleaners you may have left over.

4. Keep your boxes out of the way – “Living lean” in the days before your move will undoubtedly involve having some boxes around your home. It will be unavoidable. However, make sure that your store those boxes in a central location rather than having them in individual rooms. Most prospective homebuyers won’t like having to dodge boxes while walking through your house.

5. Sell or give away anything you don’t need – There are several ways you can get rid of furniture, appliances, etc. that you don’t plan on taking with you on the move. You could, for example, hold a garage sale and use the money to help with moving expenses. Or you could simply give everything away to a favorite charity. (For additional tips on how to handle donations and such, read “How To Lighten The Load And Expense Of Moving.”

You could also get creative. One great idea is to throw a “birthday party in reverse,” so to speak. Instead of people coming over to give you things, you invite them over and let them take whatever they want. It’s a great way to say goodbye to some old friends if you’re moving far away – they’ll definitely have something to remember you by.

Finding a storage facility to keep some of your items out of the way is another option that can help make the days leading up to your relocation a lot less hectic. If you want help with this or any other aspect of your move, contact National Van Lines online or call us at 800-676-9270.


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