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Relocating: 5 Tips for Making Your Move Fun

Whether you’re moving a family to a new location or going at this alone, moving involves a lot of work. You’re gearing up for the future, packing up the past, and making sure everyone is on the same page. With so much to think about, making your move a fun experience can be a real game changer.

Make relocating enjoyable for everyone! Check out these five tips for making relocating fun.

1. Get in the Moving Groove

Regardless of what type of music you enjoy, having the perfect playlist is the key to almost anything – especially your move. Your moving playlist will not only make packing more fun, but it will also make the entire experience go by much faster. Grab your smartphone or speaker and turn it up. With the sweet sound of your favorite songs boosting your mood as your move, everything will be alright!

2. Turn Your Move Into a Game

Everything’s more fun when you turn it into a game. Moving is no exception to this rule. A perfect time to do this is when you start packing. Get everyone involved by assigning a different room to each participant and see who can pack the fastest. Hint: This might just convince your friends and family to help, and an extra set of hands never hurts. Ready – Set – Be Imaginative!

3. Put Your Food to Good Use

Packing up the kitchen is about to get so much easier. Unfortunately, taking everything in your fridge is not possible, but that doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. Before your move, take the time to plan a cookout and invite all of your friends. Not only will you save food from being wasted, but this gives you the perfect opportunity for one last gathering at your old home. What a delicious plan.

4. Arts and Crafts

Do you have kids? We’ve got your back. Children of all ages love the chance to be involved in any way they can. Make your move exciting by involving them in both the packing and unpacking process. Once your belongings are packed away, allow your kids to decorate each box with stickers and markers. You can even make it easy on yourself, by providing specific colors for certain boxes, taking the labeling process to new heights.

5. Organize a Yard Sale

Moving is a great opportunity to free yourself from extra clutter. If you’re moving during the warmer months, take the opportunity to organize a yard sale and invite your neighbors to participate. Purging your belongings is so much more fun when you share the experience with others! You’ll feel so much better.

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