Should I Tip my Movers?

Tipping is not expected and is up to the customer. Tips can be a touchy subject in any profession, but the subject may be more so for movers who are handling your personal possessions. If you feel like your movers have performed exceptionally well, feel free to tip them. However, if your experience happens to be less than satisfactory, you are no obligated to give them anything.

If you decide to tip, we usually hear the following ranges from movers and customers around the country. For a local move, movers may receive 5% of the total bill from exceptionally pleased customers. For multi-day, cross-country moves, a standard tip can range anywhere from $40-200 per person for a very large job. In the end, how much you tip is completely up to you and your satisfaction with the service.

When a crew of two to four people have contributed to your move, it is best to tip each person individually. If a few movers have worked particularly hard, feel free to give them a slightly larger tip; otherwise, split the tip equally among the team. Another great way to show your movers that you appreciate their hard work is by offering them cold drinks, especially on a warm day.


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