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Summer Moving Tips

Summer is the busiest moving season, starting with National Moving Month in May. We’ve compiled a list of summer moving tips to beat the heat without breaking a sweat!

Dress Appropriately

On moving day, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to provide protection from sunlight and stay ventilated. Consider protecting yourself from the sun with sunglasses, a hat, or sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for most of the day. It never hurts to have an extra pair of gloves for unpacking and moving.

Protect Your Belongings

Certain items need to be protected from extreme heat, and if you’re moving to a warm climate, you will want to prepare your belongings for the journey. When sealed in plastic, leather furniture and upholstery sweats, and covering your favorite sofa or recliner with blankets can keep moisture away. Electronic components may perform poorly at high temperatures, so make sure all laptops, computers, and sensitive equipment are fully powered down and not merely suspended. If you’re moving somewhere warm, take care to insulate any candles, decorations, or fine art. Specialty moving services can ensure that your finest possessions arrive in perfect shape.

Moving With Children

If you’re driving, keep things light-hearted and adventurous when moving with kids by planning activities, taking frequent breaks, and bringing healthy snacks. Children perceive time differently than adults, and staying in touch with them throughout the moving process is important. Moving can be exciting and new for even the most seasoned travelers — finding ways to enjoy the trip can make moving more fun for everyone.

Plan Ahead

As with any move, early planning is extremely important, and summer moves are no exception. Check the climate of your new city and pay attention to heat and humidity levels for the day of your move. You can call ahead to make sure your utilities are ready for fans and air conditioning upon arrival. Pick a cool time of day to move, such as very early in the morning or shortly after sunset. Most importantly, take a “survival kit” full of your essentials so you can leave the major unpacking for the next day.

Stay Nourished

Moving day is busy, and it’s easy to let routines or healthy habits fall by the wayside. You may not have time to make it to the gym, but sharing a healthy meal with your family can be one of the best parts of your trip. If you can, take fresh fruit as a snack to keep you energized. Take extra bottles of water for each person traveling, and consider sports drinks with electrolytes for when unpacking later on. When you finally arrive at your new home, treat yourself with a summer favorite such as ice cream or shaved ice!

To get a quote or for more information about moving during the busy summer season—or any time of year—contact National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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