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Moving Etiquette: 5 Top Tips for Moving Day

Millions of people move every single year, but many don’t understand the standard etiquette in moving. These tips will help you understand the common practices of moving etiquette.

Pack properly and label clearly

If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure to have all your items properly packed and clearly labeled before your movers arrive. The labels on your boxes should clearly indicate their room destination at the new home, a brief description of what the box contains, and whether the items in the box are fragile.

The boxes should also be properly packed so that they can be easily moved. For example, pack heavy items in smaller boxes as moving a large box with heavy items can be difficult, and ensure there is sufficient padding around fragile items to prevent damage during the move. See our moving box packing guide for more tips.

Carry valuable, sensitive and prohibited items with you

There will be some items that your movers are unable to handle. These are typically hazardous, sensitive or valuable items such as combustible items, plants, cash, jewelry, prescription medicine, and important documents. Obtain a list of these prohibited items from your moving company before the moving day and gather these items together with a clear ‘Do Not Move’ label.

Let your movers do their job

It can be tempting to lend a helping hand when your movers are doing their work. However, it is best to stay out of the way since professional movers are familiar with the moving process and they have their own systems for moving boxes and loading the truck. Just remain close around the house in case the movers have questions. If you need to leave the house, let your movers know where they can find you.

Offer refreshments and snacks

Moving is an energy-draining exercise which is likely why you enlisted the help of movers in the first place. Movers work long hours and put all their efforts in to your move. A professional mover should bring their own drinks and refreshments, but they will normally be receptive if you have some to offer them. Gatorade type drinks and water are the best choices as they are best for hydration.

Similarly, professional movers are used to being on a job site and should bring their own meals and snacks. We don’t recommend that you provide them lunch, but if you do, it is usually an appreciated and accepted gesture. You could also consider offering snacks such as fruit or muesli bars.

Tip your movers appropriately

Tipping is common when it comes to moving etiquette, if you are satisfied and happy with the mover’s work. Tips aren’t included in the overall fee, so how much you tip is completely up to you. Typical amounts range from approximately 5 percent of the total bill for a local move to as much as $200 per person for a large multi-day, cross-country moves. In the end, you should decide your tip amount based on your satisfaction with the service.If you decide to tip at the end of the moving day, its best to tip each mover individually based on their performance.

To hire reliable, experienced and professional movers, contact us by using our ‘Find a Mover’ tool, or contact National Van Lines at (877)-590-2810 for a free, no-obligation moving quote.

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