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What Day Should You Move?

Weekend Moves:

Friday tends to be the most popular moving day. The beginning of the weekend provides you with two days to unpack and get organized over the weekend. As a result, moving companies have limited availability on the weekends. If you do decide to move on a Friday, make sure you plan well in advance.

There are a few downsides of moving on a Friday. If any last minute problems arise, your real estate agents or banks may be closed on the weekends and unavailable. For example, utility providers are often unavailable on the weekends which could result in spending the first weekend in your new home without gas, electricity, water or cable.

Midweek Moves:

Sometimes, moving during the week can present some cost savings. This depends on the availability of the moving company you choose. Call prospective moving companies in advance and discuss availability during the week.

Personal circumstances often dictate the timing of your move. For example, if you work on the weekends, then a midweek move would be ideal.

Speak to National Van Lines about Your Move:

We strive to accommodate your schedule at National Van Lines. To find out more about booking a moving date with us, Contact or call (877) 590-2810, or visit for a free quote.

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