Prevent Scammers from Hijacking Your Interstate Move

Moving Tips | Gerry Clark

“Hey, you got two $20 bills for a 10?” Hopefully, you’d never fall for this con. But with thousands of dollars at stake, intelligent people who wouldn’t be duped by a low-budget, wrong-change ruse can get taken in by slick operators cleverly masquerading as reputable moving companies. Need proof? Government…


There’s More to Longevity Than a Long Life

News | Maureen Beal

By Maureen Beal CEO & Chairman Happy birthday to us. National Van Lines celebrates 90 years in business this year. Nine decades. 1929–2019. The Great Depression all the way up to our current online lifestyle. Now that’s a long life (and a lot of candles). However, I’m not sure longevity…


What Makes National Van Lines Unique?

News | Deidra Pierson

National Van Lines has been in operation for almost 100 years. In this time, we’ve worked with more than a million clients, some of which still use our trusted services to this day. What Can We Do for You? We can help you with a residential move, a commercial move…


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