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How to Pack a Big Screen TV for Moving

Knowing how to move a LCD screen TV offers a unique set of challenges. With the old, box-shaped TVs of the past, the biggest worry was dropping it on the ground. While LCD TVs may offer better viewing quality, they can also be far more fragile. Some of these devices, such as plasma TVs and new 4k tv’s shouldn’t be moved lying down. Many retailers won’t even risk putting a television in the car for you, due to its fragility.

This only emphasizes the benefits of using professional movers to relocate your household. True professionals have packed, transported and unpacked fragile and expensive items, such as flat-screen televisions, many times. They know exactly how to keep it safe in transit. If you decide you’d rather try your own hand at moving a television, make sure you follow this advice. The last thing you want when you settle into your new home is to unbox a broken television.

Use the Original Television Box

A TV box for moving is great but most television manufacturers will tell you that using the original TV box is the best way of moving a television. This includes using the original Styrofoam and packing material. If you just purchased a TV, see if you can find a place to store these materials where they won’t get damaged. When you next need to move, pack the television exactly as it was in the box for safe transport.

In all likelihood, you didn’t keep the original packaging. Television boxes are large, hard to store and, unless there is a huge storage area available in your home, it’s easier to throw them out. Even if you did store them, the older they get, the less integrity the packing materials have. If you are unsure if the original box can handle moving a television or if you don’t have the box, the first thing you need to do is purchase a television-specific moving box.

Use a Flat Panel TV Kit

Various moving companies and hardware stores offer a kit for moving a television. There are different options available, so make sure you know the dimensions of your television. Most flat panel TV kits come with a box that will hold a TV up to 70 inches wide is one to four inches deep and comes with 4 foam edge protectors. If you are unsure of the kit you need to buy, contact your professional mover and ask for their expert recommendation.

How to Pack a Flat Screen TV for Moving:

  1. Take apart all of the pieces from of the flat panel TV box.
  2. Remove the foam edge protectors from the box and break them apart.
  3. Place the edge protectors on the corners of your television.
  4. Gently slide on edge of the TV into the smaller half of the box until the foam protectors meet the end of the box.
  5. Slide the two boxes together until secure.
  6. Use tape and seal the opening.
  7. When placing the TV in the moving truck, make sure it remains upright and is not laid flat on the ground.

Using a kit to pack a television is essential. These boxes are made to be moved upright and to keep your television safe. Generic boxes will not have the specific components needed.

Preparing the Television for Moving Day

You need to have room to take apart the box and safely move the television. During this process, the safety of the television will literally be in your hands. Remove all clutter from the space where you will pack your television to avoid accidentally tripping or running into something.

Follow the exact instructions of the kit. When moving a television, you can’t be too careful. Before you do anything, make sure your kit isn’t missing any parts. Most kits will have two boxes that pull apart and foam padding to keep everything secure.

Watch the video below to see how a typical TV kit is used to pack and move a television.

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