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The New Year’s Cleanse for Your Home

A new year is a time for new beginnings, which is why it is often popular for people to consider health, organization and travel for New Year’s resolutions. Each marks a kind of beginning and a chance to discover a new way to be. Performing a New Year’s Cleanse on your home is a great way to prepare for a move, clean up after a move or simply add some additional organization to your life. Here are some key places you should start when cleaning your home.

Cleanse Kitchen Cupboards

The obvious benefit to cleaning out cupboards is that you can create more space for items you do use and give away items you don’t. The other benefit is rediscovering what you have. Who knows what you may discover that relates to other goals for the New Year? Maybe there’s an old smoothie machine you forgot about or maybe there’s a dish you’ve neglected to make because you forgot you had the tools.

Once you’ve decided what stays and what goes, consider gifting what you don’t need to an older child living on their own or to a charity.

Cleanse the Underbelly of Furniture

Even if you clean regularly, you probably don’t clean as often under beds, couches and other pieces of large furniture that are difficult to move around. Now is the time to find out what’s hiding under all those hard-to-reach places. Small trinkets often gather here along with the dust, making this cleansing step especially important for people who are about to move. As people come and go from your home, helping you pack and load your belongings, you don’t want to risk them stepping or tripping on these previously unseen hazards. Cleaning out the underbelly of your furniture before moving day will make the whole process smoother. Even better, you’re far less likely to leave or lose those small items, now that you have the chance to pack them away.

Cleanse the Garage

The garage tends to be a place for keeping things you only need for short periods of time during the year, like Christmas trees. Families with fake Christmas trees have to store it somewhere for the other eleven months of the year. Due to this quality, many objects also end up lost and forgotten in a garage. Perhaps there are things you need that you forgot you had, but there are also going to be many items you only thought you needed.

Be honest with yourself as you go through the odds and ends in your garage. If you pull out something that hasn’t been used in more than five years, what are the chances you will use it again?



Cleaning your home is a great way to start the new year. Need a more deatailed list for your new year new you cleaning?  Check out our Room-By-Room Cleaning Checklist. If you are organizing in preparation for a move, it is wise to take inventory of the items in your home. This way, you will be better able to inform the professional mover you work with about which items are being moved and which are not.

If you have questions about preparing your home for a move across the country or would like a no obligation free moving quote, contact National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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