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Pay For Your National Van Lines Move With a Mobile Device

Apps that allow us to swipe credit cards on mobile devices are everywhere, from Apple stores to taxi drivers. Now, they are also an option of payment for your long distance move.

Mobile payment options have popped up where people are on the move. Carrying paper money is becoming outdated and time to sit on a desktop computer is limited. This is why the use of mobile technologies have caught fire and why we have decided to provide this convenience to our customers.

Flexible with Your Moving Timeline

While we have many methods of payment, including an online method you can access any day before your belongings are delivered, this isn’t always the best method. Driving across the country, families may plan vacations or family visits. Access to the Internet may be limited. Ever dedicated to making cross country moving as stress-free as possible, you can now pay for your National Van Lines move using a secure, card-present mobile method. Just like you see in an Apple store, you can swipe your card on your driver’s phone and proceed with moving your family into their new home.

Keep Track of Moving Paperwork

Moving can turn your life upside down, with everything from medical records to bank statements being packed or otherwise moved to a new address. With electronic and mobile payment methods, you can rest assured your moving paperwork will be easily accessible. These methods send email receipts you can view from any device that connects to your email.

Security of Personal Information

We’ve all heard the news stories about data breaches and have made sure to use a mobile payment system that meets strict security qualifications. Our method of mobile payment runs through TransFirst, which is PCI compliant. MasterCard and Visa have their own set of requirements which TransFirst also meets.

The financial aspects of moving are among the most stressful. The key to a smooth process that will provide the most for your dollar is quality in all your choices. Work with a professional moving company that has your best interest in mind and can flexibly work with your timeline while also keeping your information and belongings secure.

Create a budget for your long distance move by calling National Van Lines today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our experts can be reached at 877-590-2810.

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