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Eric Wright was great to deal with from the beginning - the only one among 5 national moving companies I contacted who bothered to show up and do an in-person inventory. The day of the move I was surprised to have only two men, Ryan and Brian, appear (I anticipated 3-4!) But, they got the job done moving me out of the apartment to a shuttle truck, which I hate (more chances for things to go wrong). Once again, they appeared when promised on the delivery end, which included a crooked stairc ase and a doorway too small to get my kitchen island (beast: IKEA) through. They dismantled, reassembled. Same attention to detail with my dining room table, which required 2 assemblies, Ryan noticed and tightened any loose screws/bolts on other furniture pieces along the way. I commend National for the way you handle delivery inventory. Always in the past I've been stressed by my personal effects being staged without a clear way to account for anything missing. Nothing was, of course, but I knew that unequivocally, as I was the person checking everything off as it came through the door. My moved was PBO, and I appreciate that among all the fragile items that Ryan and Brian moved, only a single plate was cracked. Thanks, National, American Way, Eric, Ryan, and Brian.
Fantastic experience. Everyone was professional starting with Eric and his original visit to our home and the quoting process. The 3 packers did a great job and then Bobby the truck driver and his helper were outstanding. Eric kept in touch all the way through the moving process. *****. 5 stars for sure. Highly recommend National Van Lines.
Everything went just find
Great experience with National Van Lines both at the source (OH) and destination (FL). Dates, quotes, service. My experience was completely frustration free.
Our move out of State and from a house we lived in for twenty 26 years was quite a challenge and nerve racking at the least. However, the men that actually drove the truck, did the physical loading and unloading were a pleasure to work with. They went out of their way to handle our items in a safe way to avoid any damage and were very receptive to any concerns we had. We moved into a very remote area that couldn't facilitate the large van they loaded so they off loaded our items on two smaller t rucks that would fit our drive. Needless to say they got us moved in and we are very happy! All the guys worked very good with one another and had a great attitude. Job well done National Van Lines.
The Origional truck was too small and the driver came a day early while the packers had just started. He kept telling me they had been doing this for 35 years. Therefore he should have been able to determine the truck was too small and called for a bigger truck before 4:15 on a Friday afternoon. He put everyone in a scramble to get a second truck for the overflow. Then we had a thunderstorm during the load and a lot got wet due to him putting too much on the driveway at one time. The second truc k did not show up until after the original promise date. When the second truck came Sydney and his help were very professional and respectful. They took the time to check the inventory items carefully and did not rush us unlike the first truck which also left the 3rd guy behind at our house. We had to make several calls to his phone to get him back to pick up the 3rd guy. If the size of the second truck would have been assigned in the first place I feel the experience would have been totally dif ferent. Eugenia Feindel
Overall my experience was great. Eric and the team really helped me understand everything involved with the move which put me at ease.
This moving experience has been so great, from Thomas to the driver and all the other helpers. Starting with Thomas, he was very helpful in every way and was always available whenever I had questions or concerns. ( I had lots of them). No time was ever the wrong time for him even when I called him and he was sick. Everything went smoothly as I was hoping it would. Thomas seemed like I had always known him. The driver was so friendly and with a smile in everything he did. Everything arrived wh en I was hoping it would ( arriving after I got here. The timing was perfect). The unloading went smoothly also. The only problem I had was with the storage company, which was NOT the movers fault , but the driver stayed with me until the problem was solved. Hopefully Im in my forever home, but if I have to move again, I would surely get in touch with Thomas. I would gladly recommend American Way. The cost was within my budget and better then the other companies I talked to. My daughter is moving here in July and she already has Thomas name to call for her move. So you will be hearing from us again. Im still singing your praises. Thanks Thomas and American Way Gloria Payne
From beginning to end, the service was excellent. Eric Wright coordinated the entire process, guiding and keeping me informed the entire way. He coordinated the driver and pickup team with my neighbor who was tasked with opening the storage unit and signing the moving documents at the Ohio location. The driver, Jonathan Elsis, was fantastic, keeping me apprised of status throughout the loading, transit and delivery. He went above and beyond with his flexibility for delivery working aroun d the timing for my flooring installation and a vacation I had scheduled. The unloading and delivery of my antique furniture and dozens of totes/boxes was done efficiently and quickly considering the 2 flights of stairs they had to climb. I would highly recommend this company for such outstanding service - facilitating a quick, stress-free move.
Everyone I dealt with was professional. The communication was good. I would definitely use them again should I have the need.
It was a smooth transaction! My movers were quick to send my stuff in less than 48 hrs.
Outstanding work done by packers and loaders at the starting point as well as at the end point. Everything went smoothly on both ends.
it is too easy of a survey. all 5’s across the board. John, Elsis our driver is a master at what is does. He fully took charge of both crews picking up and delivery. His courtesy and expertise was like I have never had before. 8 PCS moves and our final retirement move; his class of customer satisfaction is unparalleled. On his own, he bought newer hardware to replace the original furniture hardware( this is on new furniture) because “it would hold longer and safer than the original hardware” Moving agents should seriously take a moment to see his style and use him as the “role model” as far as how people should treat people”. I see him as a friend of our family now as that is how he treated us.
Charles T.
If you are reading this, you have reached the correct moving company. Its very stressful deciding which moving company you should use and trust me I can assure you National Van lines was the best for me. They were on time. The price was the same once delivered. Nothing was broken. Boxes were marked and they placed them in the correct rooms. I cant say enough positive things about this company.
I spoke on the phone only. Third parties assisted me at both ends. Overall, it was a smooth moving, everyone was very helpful.
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