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3 Details To Remember When Moving

Have you ever felt like you forgot something, but you can’t remember what it is? We want you to leave with the lights off, and we’ve compiled the perfect list of odds and ends to remember for a stress-free move!

Remember Your Records

If “good housekeeping” is for homeowners, then good recordkeeping is for moving and storage. It is much easier to get vital records while you are still physically present, and it’s great to have physical copies of relevant documents as backups in case electronic transmission fails. Keep your financial documents safe and in one place, and make sure you save your receipts for tax relief next year.

School records should be faxed or sent electronically, but always make sure you have a physical copy of any certificates, diplomas, or transcripts in case of an emergency. Medical, dental, immunization, and vision records are important to keep handy for the trip, and that includes the same records for any pets! Finally, if you are finding a new church in your area, keep your baptismal and marriage documentation, too!

Membership Services

Memberships and services may need to be updated or canceled when moving., You don’t want to find out you’ve been paying for a gym membership in another state six months later. It helps to use a checklist and sort out the services you use and the memberships you pay for. Decide which ones to update, and cancel the rest.

Utilities often run locally, and a turn off date needs to be scheduled for water, electric, gas, recycling, and trash pickup. If you have a new family moving in, choose a “cut-off” date when the new owners will take over payment. If you haven’t sold your house yet, you can talk to your utility company about your circumstances and see if there is a way to reduce costs or receive a refund.

Secondary services, such as telephone, cable, and Internet can usually be canceled or transferred if available in your new location. Newspaper delivery, memberships to large fitness chains, and similar services may have options near your new home, so see if you can receive a discount and referral.

Address Your Address Change

We know you will remember to update your address for your favorite services, but it’s easy to forget a few during the moving process. The most important ones revolve around financial and governmental institutions that need your address for correspondence. Don’t move away and miss an important statement or payment.

Contact your department of motor vehicles, bank, insurance agent, social security office, credit card companies, lienholders, brokers, and veteran’s affairs offices first. Set yourself up for success by staying informed with license, registration, and insurance changes. Especially for debit and credit cards, schedule your address change to take place in the future, and remember that your cards may need to be updated on any payment site with your new zip code.

Finally, make sure you also let your friends and family members know your new address! It’s a nice surprise to find flowers or housewarming gifts waiting for you at your new home. Your professional network will want to know you’re leaving, and save time to meet with everyone before you move.

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