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Fly or Drive: That is the Big Moving Question

Our modern age provides us with many modes of travel. In one day, we can travel to a location that once took months traversing the land to reach. While it may be obvious that driving is easiest when going to the store and flying is the easiest way to visit another country, moving presents unique challenges.

The bulk of your belongings will not travel with you. They will be shipped on a large semi van and, if you are moving across oceans, on a boat or plane. The only thing left to move, besides a few key belongings you keep, is yourself. When it comes to travel, is it better to fly or drive?

Duration of Travel Time

Hands down, flying will help you arrive faster than any other mode of transportation. This may be your best option if you don’t like the idea of spending days traveling in your car. It also gives you more time to travel around and see the sights. Once your items arrive, you’ll be busy unpacking and organizing your home. Planning a mini-vacation into your moving plans can be a fun way to bond the family and enjoy the free time you have.

No matter what mode of transportation you use, you will likely arrive at your new home a few days before a truck is ready to deliver your items. Flying is so fast you’ll have more than a few days to wait. Depending on the time of year, plane tickets may cost more than it would to drive, anyway. In those situations, driving may be your better option.

Changing the Cost of Your Move

If you choose to fly, you’ll likely have to have your car shipped with the rest of your belongings. Preparing cars for transport and bringing them across the country requires additional effort on the part of your professional mover. You will be charged extra for every car you choose to transport.

You can avoid this extra cost by driving any cars you own to your destination instead of having them shipped. This, of course, means you’ll be spending a generous amount of time on the road. However, if cost is a major concern, driving will be the most cost effective way to travel.

Personal Sanity

Sometimes, you can’t put a price on sanity. Depending on your family, flying and driving may have different consequences. If packing your family into a car for a long distance trip is likely to cause too much tension, flying can be just what you need. If you have a lot of items you plan to keep on your person while you travel, taking the family minivan will likely be easier than checking all those bags.

No matter what mode of transportation you use, moving is going to come with a bit of stress. Choosing the transportation option that keeps the stress down to a minimum is always the best policy. If keeping your cost down will also keep your stress down, driving is the way to go. Likewise, if shorter travel times will keep you stress-free, flying is the better option. In the end, make the travel choice that makes the most sense for your family.

Please call National Van Lines about moving vehicles or the moving process at 877-590-2810. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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