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Getting Ready for a Summer Move

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Moving schedules shift into high gear during summer. If you’ve chosen the hot season to make your move, you’re in good company.
The June-through-September span requires you take summer-specific steps to make the most of your relocation, whether local or cross-country. With a fleet of full-service movers, National Van Lines knows how to negotiate those mercury-rising days.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Even with professional movers handling your belongings, you’re still likely to break a sweat on move day. You (and your movers) will appreciate an early-morning start before temperatures have peaked, so booking during that time frame makes sense. Scheduling a kick-off time shortly after sunset also works to beat the heat when you move furniture across the country.

As with any hot-weather activity, appropriate attire and proper hydration are key. Embrace white or neutral-colored cotton and linens. Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing. You can’t go wrong with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen when it comes to keeping moving stress to a minimum under direct sunlight. A cooler filled with bottled water will refresh you and the moving crew. Getting all utilities up and running before move-in is great advice year-round, but a functioning air-conditioning system during summer is vital. Don’t let a broiling gust of air greet you when opening your new home’s front door. Activate that AC.

Specialized situations

Certain items will succumb to the heat faster than others. Enjoy candles? Keep them off the moving van or expect a melt-fest. Electronics (including TV, computers, gaming consoles and audio gear) are particularly susceptible to higher temperatures. At a minimum, you’ll want to protect your TV by using a flat panel TV kit, but that packing necessity only will guard it against movement, not temperature.

You also seriously should consider adding electronic gear to your list of items to carry in your vehicle rather than putting on the moving truck. The same goes for such music-related items as musical instruments and vinyl records. Ensure laptops and computers are powered down, not simply in “sleep” mode. If you own fine art or a healthy inventory of electronics, you might consider specialty moving services as these professionals know how to pack fragile items for shipping.

While not as “perishable” as the previously mentioned items, furniture also “behaves” differently in hot temps. Fabric upholstery and leather items will sweat if plastic-wrapped. Covering these pieces in the fabric will guard against excessive moisture.

Precious-cargo precautions

Whether your best friends include a dog, cat or bearded lizard, these companions are family members. Moving cross country with pets during summer carries special considerations as it can be a trying time not only due to heat, but because this is the flea-and-tick season. That’s why National Van Lines recommends registering with a new veterinarian prior to moving to your new home.

During the journey itself, ensure you take all necessary items, including food, water, blankets, treats and medicine. You like stretching your legs after a few hours on the road; so do our four-legged friends. Make time for them at rest stops along the way for a breath of fresh air, walking and, of course, potty breaks.

If you’re going airborne, inform the airline (the earlier, the better) your best bud also will be flying. In addition to federal legal requirements governing animal welfare, every airline has its own pet-travel policies. The feds have compiled recommendations toward helping animals best navigate the skies, including pre-departure feeding times and scheduling non-stop flights.

Moving with children

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. While you’re mentally reciting the chorus to Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time,” your kids might be pondering why the minutes are dragging. Time perception differs between children and adults, so it’s important to keep them engaged and discover how to make moving fun. Ensure favorite toys are an arm’s length away. Plan activities. Break for healthy snacks and beverages.

Keep a cool outlook during your summer move and you’ll be A-OK.

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