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I’m Looking to….Move A Parent(s) Into My Home

If the moment comes when you need to transition your parent(s) into your home, it’s not hard to do if you’re prepared. This process includes taking into account three specific things:

  1. Their belongings
  2. Their necessary care
  3. Their living habits.

Once all of these topics are addressed, you and your parent can make an easy transition into a new lifestyle together.

Care They Need and Care You Can Give

The truth of the matter is, your parent is probably moving in with you because they’re not able to do things on their own anymore. This may be anything from driving their vehicle around town to carrying their own groceries. Regardless of whatever it is, take a long hard look at this care. They need help with various daily activities. Do you have the ability to give that care? If not, make sure that you have a team behind you. Recognize what care they need and what care you can give.

Their Belongings

This is often not discussed when moving a parent into a child’s home, but it is not a trivial subject. You both need to decide on a place where their things will go. This may involve having a moving company come in and move items to a storage unit in the town where you live. That way, your parent and you can easily access their belongings if needed.

Be Honest Early About Living Habits

Last but not least, be honest with each other what your living habits will be and boundaries you need to set. This may mean you have to make adjustments for one another. For example, if your parent goes to bed early, you may want to turn your child’s room at the more secluded end of the hall into your parent’s room and move your child to another room in the house. With honesty upfront and the ability to make adjustments, you should have an easy transition integrating both of your living habits.

For more information on the transition of moving your parent in with you or moving their belongings to a storage unit, contact the professional team at National Van Lines. A FREE moving quote can be found online or by phone at (708) 450-2900.

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