Monthly Home Maintenance Tips Keep Your Habitat Happy

Congratulations on moving in to your new home. We’re glad you chose the National Van Lines family of interstate relocation specialists to handle your move. Now begins the next stage of your journey: home maintenance. Once you’re settled in, you’ll want to safeguard your surroundings. No, we’re not talking about…


Did You Move to a Haunted House?

We’ve all seen TV shows or movies in which someone must spend a night alone in a creepy old house to win a bet or qualify for a wealthy relative’s inheritance. Eerie sounds and otherworldly apparitions—real, imagined or bogus—often greet the visitor as he tries to endure the evening, make…


Protect Your Vacant Home By Making it Look Lived-in

Need to move across the country before your current (and now-vacant) home sells? You’re certainly not alone, particularly if your relocation is job-related. Now you’ve got to make sure that departed home doesn’t look lonely as you forge a new life hundreds of miles away. The elements, neglect, mischief and…


Don’t Let Moths Mess Up Your Move

Escaping a laboratory roughly 150 years ago, they first feasted on New England’s forests before blazing a trail of destruction westward and southward. Their hunger apparently knows no bounds. Sounds like an eco-disaster movie poster, doesn’t it? Well, this story is the real deal and, instead of coming to a…


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