Packing Tips

Top 7 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Thinking about moving in the winter? That might seem an unusual choice to the sun-soaked throngs who choose summer to mount their long distance moves. But did you know? Moving during what’s called the “off season” boasts a bounty of benefits, including: cheaper prices, greater resource availability and increased scheduling…


Make Your Move Across the Country Fun

When you think of fun things to do, does interstate moving top your list? Didn’t think so. Going to a game. Attending a concert. Watching paint dry. Now these are things that easily beat out a move across the country for a good time. But at National Van Lines, we…


Discard Electronic Devices Before Your Long Distance Move

Few things today suffer shorter lifespans than electronic gadgets. The evidence is about as close as the umpteenth-version smartphone you’re using to read this blog. Once you’ve tired of your electronic whosie-whatsit or it becomes obsolete and trading in isn’t an option, what do you do with the item? Junk…


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